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1. leading Young Writers to Authorship

This is Gail’s core workshop; it explores the key ideas within “I’ve Got Something to Say”

This workshop will explore and build on:

  • beliefs which drive our writing programme
  • the importance of the genre of memoir
  • using a notebook to prepare for writing
  • responding to the writing of others
  • the central role of description
  • descriptive texts and their features – how they can inform our teaching
  • how close observation makes our writing more precise
  • planning for teaching and learning, informed by current writing samples – setting individual goals
  • knowing what our own teacher learning needs are
  • lesson design to meet needs
  • leading the learning – moment by moment teaching decisions
  • the integration of writing across the curriculum

2. The Writers' Club

This workshop will explore these key ideas:

•    beliefs which drive our writing programme and the environment we set up
•    the teacher as an active member of the writers’ club
•    teacher and student as learning partners
•    the ‘talk’ of partnership
•    using a notebook as a seedbed for writing
•    how young learner-writers can use other authors as their teachers
•    ‘The Helping Circle’ as a demonstration of community – a place for sharing writing and for responding to the writing of others
•    the (draft) writing book as a record of progress
•    lesson design 
•    leading the learning – moment by moment teaching decisions
•    the integration of writing across the curriculum
•    developing independence in our community of writers
•    how all writers, including boys, can be engaged in writing

Dates for upcoming day presentations in 2016

August 6 "Tried and True" A day seminar for Learning Network NZ
An illustrated conversation between Murray Gadd and Gail Loane around the basic truths of teaching writing to Year 1 to 8 students.  The focus of the conversation will be on:
- content of an effective writing programme
- instructional strategies needed for effective writing instruction
- organisation and management of an effective writing programme 
Murray and Gail have worked together many times over the years (particularly on developing the English Exemplars) and this will be an opportunity for them to bring their beliefs and research on writing pedagogy together and contextualize them in real classroom contexts.  The day will be driven by the question: So what’s needed to be effective? 

Writing Course Information  

Day Seminars and Workshops that can be tailored for your school or district

Boy Writers 

Writing Across the Curriculum

Editing as a Process of Exploration and Invitation

Learning Writing, Teaching Writing - two-day writing courses

Fee - each situation is negotiable according to numbers

The basic fee for professional development within a school is $2,000+GST for a one-off day for up to 20 people
$1,600 + GST per single day for schools on long-term development, 9.00am – 5.00pm
$1,200 + GST per day for 2 or more consecutive days

Airfares and 75 cents +GST per kilometre.

Gail speaks at conferences - this is dependent on availability.